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Your Smartphone Is ALWAYS Listening: Q&A With Cybersecurity Expert Moschovitis

“The Facebook data appropriation by Cambridge Analytica is just the tip of the iceberg, according to cybersecurity experts. In fact, our data is being culled from a variety of sources and our ability to stop it is essentially impossible.” Read the full interview with Chris Moschovitis on Media Post.

Clear and Present Danger, V 2.0

This is the second version of my previously published editorial. I was compelled to update it because of two key developments: First, on the morning of May 23rd, 2018, Jim Finkle and Pavel Polityuk of Reuters reported that “Cyber firms, Ukraine warn of planned Russian attack” the fourth such cyberattack starting with the 2015 and […]


In this incredibly informative video, Chris Moschovitis discusses the state of cybersecurity, how businesses can protect themselves, and what elements of your organization need to be closely examined in order to be fully prepared for a potential breach of privacy.

Cybersecurity Program Development for Business Video Series

In this 9-part video series, Chris Moschovitis, author of Cybersecurity Program Development for Business, will be discussing all aspects of cybersecurity. From understanding risk to managing the impact of an attack after it’s happened, Chris breaks down an organization’s step-by-step to do list for protecting themselves against cyber risk. Watch the Video Series Here

Nefarious Cyber

Chris Moschovitis, author of Cybersecurity Program Development for Business, sits down to discuss security in large organizations and for individuals alike.


Chris Moschovitis, author of Cybersecurity Program Development for Business, sits down to discuss the intersection of cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.

A Chat with Chris Moschovitis

Chris, congratulations on the book! Let’s start by talking about your past a little bit. What do you remember about your first interactions with computers? Was there a moment when you thought, “Yeah, I’m going to be involved with this for my whole life?” My first interaction with a computer was as a teenager in […]

For Lawyers and Law Firms

In my most recent piece for New York Law Journal, I look at and discuss in detail how lawyers and law firms can mitigate cyber risk with the right cybersecurity controls. The first step, “We need to recognize there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.” Read the full piece here: For Lawyers and Law Firms

Cybersecurity and Due Care for Law Firms

In my article for New York Law Journal, I explore how law firms can get more involved in their cybersecurity initiatives as well as how to care for themselves, their clients, and their employees. Read the full article here: Cybersecurity and Due Care for Law Firms