Monthly Archives: March 2011


That and “grok” are two of Robert A. Heinlein’s many contributions into the modern lexicon. The first, an acronym for “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” The second, grok, means to understand something completely, entirely. Which brings us to a question: What do the media industry and (some) consumers not grok about […]

“Why can’t I get e-mail when e-mail is down?”

IT called the users that the email server was down. What came next was the question above from the CEO of the company to his CIO. Nope. I am not making it up. No emphasis added. Real question. Real CEO. What’s sad about this is that this executive is not alone. Testimonials of this sort […]

It’s the Technology, Stupid!

Just as the words of President Clinton still echo their fundamental truth in our country’s politics, I submit a new rallying cry to corporate America: “It’s the Technology, Stupid!” Consider this: In January of this year, Hugo Sarrazin and Andy West wrote in McKinsey Quarterly an insightful paper on “Understanding the strategic value of IT […]